Friday, February 22, 2013

The ice-cream truck has arrived!

So I don't actually know how many people actually want to be n icecream cone on graal, but it seemed like a good idea so...

Here is the icecream collection, you buy the icecream cone body, and then choose which ever flavor of head you want. (Flavors: vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, mint chocolate chip, bubblegum and vanilla w/ rainbow sprinkles) Enjoy! (These heads are not trademarked because i fogot to put it on and when i noticed i was too lazy to change it so please give me credit! Thanks!)

So I have come to a decision that NiNjA pRiNcEsS JaNi is a slightly juvenile name, not that i grew up or am so mature now that that name is below me, but y'know, and also it's pretty long. So I am going to change my name on graal, so if you need to contact me on graal, my name will be ~Jan~ that's it. The website will still be the same, so the title will be the same, and all that so yeah.

~NiNjA pRiNcEsS JaNi/ ~Jan~

Thursday, February 21, 2013

So here's the post that never came :)

Ok so i know in like the last like 60 posts i've been saying how i'm gonna post soon and then im alwways like just kidding? Ya well not today! Your prayers have been heard (if you've been praying)! Ok so first, girl heads and body, punk style kinda thing, body was requested and i'd feel bad if i didn't post some heads too, so!

Next! Guy stuff because i always feel bad when guys are like i'm gonna check out your site later, and then they probably get on and its like rainbow sunshine daisies and tea parties and a heck of a lot of purely female GFX's, so for you young lads, heres a couple things for y'all! (and idk man, the headd with the mohawk is looking pretty sick, if you can pull that beast off, you can do anything)
Have a great day Graaalians! (i ain't gonna promise nothing, but maybe some more GFX's soon?)
~NiNjA pRiNcEsS JaNi

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Hey there folks! So the reason i haven't been posting is because i havent been on graal and have been busy and blah blah blah...i probably still wont be very active, and probably wont be except from 8 to 5 every other thursday (jk, did ya get the reference though??) Anyway...this is kinda just a quick hello post! I fixed up the blog because let's face the truth, it was real gross, not that it isn't now, but the jets have been cooled a little. Anyway, I'll hopefully be posting some gfx's soon, but if not, say hi to me on graal (i've mostly been playing era, but once in a while i'm on classic).

Keep on keeping on my graalian friends (or foes)


Sunday, September 2, 2012

NPJ Fan Club!

Introducing the NPJ Fan Club!! This is my new guild for fans! The reason I made it was because I have too many requests and I'm too busy for everything so I won't be doing requests until next summer! I may do some on Christmas break or something, but for now I don't have enough time. And the people who don't get recruited can still share your ideas by sharing them with me or other members of the guild. For those of you who made requests before my holiday I will still finish them but you'll have to be patient a little longer. Now back to my guild, there is 24 vacant spots in my guild, so the first 24 people to message me to be in my guild will be recruited.
What being in my guild includes:

-Suggest ideas for heads/bodies
-Take part in fashion shows
-Take part in guild parties
-Tower taking
-Guild spar

Now even though you are recruited your position is not permanent! If you are not active for 1 month or more (unless there's a reason) you will be kicked.

But most of all it's for fun and so that y'all can suggest ideas!

~NiNjA pRiNcEsS JaNi

(P.S. this guild is on Classic, someday I will make one for Era as well ;)

I'll try...

So I'm not sure if y'all know this but i use Microsoft paint to make heads...most people use photoshop, so I was thinking maybe that's why there's are so much better than mine, and they can make gifs too... So! I have decided I'm gonna try out photoshop tomorrow maybe...

~NiNjA pRiNcEsS JaNi

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Oh fans!

I was looking at some people's websites today and a lot of them were saying that I inspired them and they love my stuff and all those juicy fuzzy compliments and I was like:  :3  and then I decided to put some of there web addresses on here! (this is only 2 of them because I deleted the other webs by accident :( :

Tadaa! And I was gonna make some heads and bodies and post them because that's what makes y'all happy :D but then my stupid blu-tooth keyboard and mouse wouldn't work and I couldn't >:/ *computerprobs* I know...lame...but soon my lovelies there will be some new stuff! 

ta ta for now! ;)
~NiNjA pRiNcEsS JaNi

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Hey Guys!

So I'm going on vacation for like 2 weeks so i wont be posting for awhile, and i proabaly wont be on graal either, if you need to contact me, hesitate to contact me by email ( So for now, here's some classic styled bodies and heads:

and some Era styled bodies and heads:

:D Have a Fantastic rest of your summer!

~NiNjA pRiNcEsS JaNi =]

Monday, August 6, 2012

Olivia's Head :D

Hope it's everything ya wanted Olivia! If it's missing anything or you dont like something about it just message me on graal :) Enjoy!

Friday, August 3, 2012